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The information presented in this document applies only to areas with one or more sugar factories


1. Convergence

The entire country is covered by the Convergence Objective.

EU information website:

National information website on the EU Structural Funds:

Poland has implemented several action programmes across the country. Those relevant to the sugar industry are outlined below. These ‘Convergence’ Objective programmes are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF):

Operational Programme ‘Opolskie’
The programme is structured according to the following priorities:

  • Strengthening economic attractiveness of the region
  • Information society
  • Transport
  • Environmental protection
  • Social infrastructure and higher education
  • Mobilisation of municipal and degraded areas

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/country/prordn/details_new.cfm?gv_PAY=PL&gv_reg=1512&gv_PGM=1206&gv_defL=7&LAN=7

Council of the Opolskie voivodship
ul. Piastowska 14
PL-45-082 Opole
Tel.: +48 77 54 16 510 / Fax: +48 77 54 16 512
Web: http://rpo.opolskie.pl/rpo/index.php?id=5181

Operational Programme ‘Lower Silesia’ (Dolnoślaskie)
The programme is structured according to the following priorities:

  • Increase in competitiveness of enterprises
  • Development of the information society
  • Development of transport infrastructure
  • Improvement of the natural environment, ecological safety and flood defences
  • Environmentally friendly energy infrastructure
  • Exploitation and promotion of the region’s potential for tourism, culture and thermal spas
  • Development and modernisation of education infrastructure
  • Modernisation of health infrastructure
  • Rehabilitation of degraded urban areas

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/country/prordn/details_new.cfm?gv_PAY=PL&gv_reg=1505&gv_PGM=1197&gv_defL=7&LAN=7

Council of the Dolnośląskie voivodship
ul. Wybrzeże Słowackiego 12-14
PL-50-411 Wrocław
Tel.:+48 71 776 9335 / Fax: + 48 71 776 9003
Web: http://dolnyslask.pl/default.aspx?docId=3560

Operational Programme ‘Lubelskie’
The specific objectives of the programme are the following:

  • increase the region’s competitiveness by supporting development of modern economic sectors and stimulating innovativeness,
  • improvement of investment conditions in the Voivodship respecting the principle of sustainable development,
  • increase the attractiveness of the Lublin region as a place to live, work and rest.

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/country/prordn/details_new.cfm?gv_PAY=PL&gv_reg=ALL&gv_PGM=1208&gv_defL=7&LAN=7

Council of the Lubelskie voivodship
ul. Spokojna 4,
PL-20-074 Lublin
Tel.: +48 81 4416600/ Fax: +48 81 4416602
Web: http://www.lubelskie.pl/index.php?pid=449

Operational Programme ‘Mazovia’ (Mazowieckie)

  • Development of innovation potential and entrepreneurship
  • Accelerating e-development
  • Regional transport system
  • Environment, prevention of natural disasters, and energy
  • Strengthening the role of cities in the development of the region
  • Using natural and cultural resources to develop tourism and recreational possibilities
  • Creating and improving conditions for human capital development

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/country/prordn/details_new.cfm?gv_PAY=PL&gv_reg=ALL&gv_PGM=1205&gv_defL=7&LAN=7

Council of the Mazowieckie voivodship
ul. B. Brechta 3
PL-03-472 Warszawa
Tel.: +48 22 597 9104 / Fax: +48 22 597 9275
Web: http://www.mazovia.pl/?a=news&id=3594

Operational Programme ‘Lesser Poland’ (Małopolska)
The principal objectives of the 2007-2013 ERDF Lesser Poland Regional Operational Programme are to increase the competitiveness and innovative capacity of the region, to enhance internal cohesion based on the sustainable growth principle and to develop the institutional potential of entities based in Lesser Poland.
Web: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/country/prordn/details_new.cfm?gv_PAY=PL&gv_reg=ALL&gv_PGM=1216&LAN=7&gv_PER=2&gv_defL=7

Council of the Małopolska voivodship
Basztowa 22
PL-31-156 Kraków
Tel.: +48 12 61 60 124 / Fax: +48 12 43 00 394
Web: http://www.wrotamalopolski.pl/root_Fundusze/Wydarzenia/Aktualnosci/default.htm

Operational Programme ‘Pomerania’ (Pomorskie)
The specific objectives of the programme are the following:

  • to improve the competitiveness and innovation of the economy and increase the skill levels of the population;
  • to improve the attractiveness of cities for investment and the links between them;
  • to improve attractiveness for settlement and tourism;
  • to overcome development barriers in areas with lower development potential.

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/country/prordn/details_new.cfm?gv_PAY=PL&gv_reg=ALL&gv_PGM=1215&LAN=7&gv_PER=2&gv_defL=7

Council of the Pomorskie voivodship
Okopowa 21/27
PL-80-810 Gdańsk
Tel.: +48 58 32 61 500 / Fax: +48 58 32 61 503
Web: http://www.pomorskiewunii.pl/

Operational Programme ‘Zachodniopomorskie’
The specific objectives of the programme are the following:

  • promoting innovation and management effectiveness;
  • improving attractiveness to investors and the territorial cohesion of the voivodship;
  • improving living conditions through the preservation and protection of the natural environment and better social conditions in the voivodship.

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/country/prordn/details_new.cfm?gv_PAY=PL&gv_reg=ALL&gv_PGM=1199&LAN=7&gv_PER=2&gv_defL=7

Marshal's Office of the Zachodniopomorskie voivodship
ul. Korsarzy 34
PL-70-540 Szczecin
Tel.: +48 58 32 61 500 / Fax: +48 58 32 61 503
Web: http://www.rpo.wzp.pl/

Operational Programme ‘Greater Poland’ (Wielkopolska)
The programme is structured according to the following priorities:

  • Competitiveness of enterprises
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Revitalisation of problem areas
  • Infrastructure for human capital
  • Tourism and cultural environment

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/country/prordn/details_new.cfm?gv_PAY=PL&gv_reg=ALL&gv_PGM=1200&LAN=7&gv_PER=2&gv_defL=7

Council of the Wielkopolska Region
al. Niepodległości 18
PL-61-713 Poznań
Tel.:+ 48 61 854 19 88 / Fax: + 48 61 854 17 17
Web: http://www.umww.pl/biznes/wielkopolski-regionalny-program-operacyjny.html

Operational Programme ‘Kujawsko-Pomorskie’
The specific objectives of the programme are the following:

  • to improve the attractiveness of Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship;
  • to increase the competitiveness of the region's economy;
  • to advance the inhabitants’ standard and quality of living.

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/country/prordn/details_new.cfm?gv_PAY=PL&gv_reg=ALL&gv_PGM=1203&LAN=7&gv_PER=2&gv_defL=7

Council of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship
Plac Teatralny 2
PL-87-100 Torun
Tel.: +48 56 62 23 131 / Fax: +48 56 62 18 553
Web: http://fundusze.kujawsko-pomorskie.pl/

Operational Programme 'Łódzkie'
The specific objectives of the programme are the following:

  • improvement of the transport accessibility of the Lodz region;
  • improvement of the state of the natural environment and energy security;
  • development of an innovative and competitive economic sector in the region;
  • development of the information society;
  • creation of suitable conditions for the development of human resources;
  • economic and social revitalisation in degraded urban areas;
  • increase in the capability to absorb EU resources under ROP LR.

Web: http://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/country/prordn/details_new.cfm?gv_PAY=PL&gv_reg=ALL&gv_PGM=1325&LAN=7&gv_PER=2&gv_defL=7

Council of the Łódzkie Voivodship
al. Piłsudskiego 8
PL-90-051 Łódź
Tel.: +48 42 663 3000 / Fax: +48 42 663 3002
Web: http://www.rpo.lodzkie.pl/wps/portal/rpo/

In addition, the European Social Fund is involved through a specific operational programme:

Poland has the largest amount of ESF funding of any Member State for 2007-2013. A far-reaching Operational Programme – called Human Capital – manages this funding. It covers traditional ESF areas like employment, social exclusion and workforce skills, as well as addressing challenges in education and training. The Operational Programme will also support good governance, healthcare and rural development. It has ten priorities.
Priorities 1-5 concentrate on strengthening the labour market, social assistance, education and public administration institutions, while priorities 6-10 target individuals and enterprises in regions.

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
Department for Implementing the European Social Fund
ul. Nowogrodzka 1/3/5
PL-00-513 Varsovie
Tel.:+48 (0)22 693 47 92 / Fax: +48 (0)22 693 40 72

Department for ESF Management
Ministry of Regional Development
Wspólna 2/4,

PL-00-926 Varsovie
Tel.: +48 22 501 52 00 / Fax: +48 22 501 50 31
Web: www.efs.gov.pl - www.mrr.gov.pl 

2. Rural Development Policy

The implementation of the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 is based on the multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas. The Programme will strengthen the economic competitiveness of agricultural holdings and of the agri-food sector, contribute to land management and environmental protection, and enhance the quality of life and diversify the rural economy.

Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów
ul. Pszczelińska 99
05-840 Brwinów
Tel. / Fax +48 22 729 66 34 (38); +48 22 729 72 91
E-mail: brwinow_sekretariat@cdr.gov.pl
Web: http://www.cdr.gov.pl 

3. General information on financing

Atlas des objectifs

Fonds Européen de Développement Régional : FEDER

Fonds Social Européen : FSE

Fonds Européen Agricole pour le Développement Rural : FEADER

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